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PISCES (the FISHES) (February 19-March 20)  Natural 12th House of the Zodiac (Ruler(s) NEPTUNE and JUPITER) Mutable WATER

Sensitive, shy and compassionate.  Kind hearted and passive.  Takes things personally.  Can be a sponge for other’s energies, therefore has to protect self against negative energies.  More concerned with others than self.  May lack self-esteem and confidence.  Tries to save other’s from themselves.  Easily influenced.  Keen intuition and psychic ability.  Non-judgemental and always there for a friend in need.  Sympathetic and empathetic.  Can exhibit artistic talent and has a natural ability to balance color and form.  Pisces is the dual sign of two fishes.  One is an Angelfish and one is a Barracuda.  Can be vindictive and unforgiving through real or imagined slights.  A wonderful friend but a formidable enemy.

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