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AQUARIUS (the WATER-BEARER) (January 20-February 18)  Natural 11th House of the Zodiac  (Ruler URANUS) Fixed AIR

Unconventional and outspoken.  Sometimes a rebel without a cause.  Enjoys debate and challenging authority.  Likes being seen as different and unusual and lives up to the theme of disruptive.  Can be wreckless and antagonizing.  Breaks through tradition and stagnation on a whim.  Can be detached and impersonal, although believes in freedom and equality for all.  An exciting and enthusiastic companion.  Progressive and abstract.  Ideological ideas.  Eager to tread new pathways.  Friendly and sociable, inventive and ingenious.  Always ready to try new things and meet new people.  Has to be careful to not destroy one structure without having a better alternative to take it’s place.

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