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SAGITTARIUS (the ARCHER) (November 22-December 21)  Natural 9th House of the Zodiac.  (Ruler JUPITER) Mutable FIRE

Jovial, fun-loving and friendly.  Doesn’t take life seriously.  Future oriented.  Quick to start over after any failure and onto the next adventure.  Lacks organization and follow through.  Overestimates and exaggerates.  Makes promises without thinking things through and therefore can break them and not understand another’s anguish.  Thinks big and acts without considering consequences.  Has self-confidence and a positive attitude.  Draws peoples attention with quick wit and humor.  A fun companion to others.  Popular.  Vivid imagination with a willingness to learn all there is about everything.  Interested in a broad vision.  Abstract thinker.  Vacillates from extremes of doing to doing nothing.  Encourages others to enjoy life and let go of the past.

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