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SCORPIO (the SCORPION) (October 23-November 21)  Natural 8th House of the Zodiac  (Ruler(s) MARS and PLUTO)  Fixed  WATER

Skeptical and self-reliant.  Secretive and private.  Emotional.  Demands others earn your trust as opposed to giving it away.  Transformative and can have a deep impact on others in their environment.  Can awaken talents and confidence in others.  Curious to a fault, wanting to know everything about everything but revealing little about self.  Understands motivations.  Can become vindictive and unforgiving through real or imagined slights.  Can hold grudges.  Intense and passionate.  Gives 100% to any involvements.  Focused and dedicated.  Perseveres in any situation and has trouble knowing when to give up.  Takes relationships seriously.  Powerful perceptions and can make instant emotional connection.

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