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VIRGO (the VIRGIN) (August 21-September 22)  Natural 6th House of the Zodiac (Ruler MERCURY)  Mutable EARTH

Organization and planning are of utmost importance.  Work ethic strong.  Efficient and dedicated to duty.  Methodical and analytical.  Accurate and precise.  Perfectionist. Detail oriented.  Can become lost in detail to the point of not being able to “see the forest for the trees”.  Can become picky and critical.  Neatness and order are a way of life.  Living up to standards set by society.  Can consider oneself as ordinary and mundane.  Dependable.  High expectations of oneself and others.  Sees role as service to others and makes excellent support operating behind the scenes.  Doesn’t like to be in limelight and can be shy.  Fussy about food and has interest in health and well being.  Can exhibit nervousness and upset digestion when under stress.

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