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GEMINI (the TWINS) (May 21-June 20)  Natural 3rd House of the Zodiac  (Ruler MERCURY)  Mutable AIR

Likes to talk and learn.  Much mental activity.  Respects intellectual discussion and abstract ideas.  Aquires and shares information readily.  Eager to share opinions.  Enthusiastic about giving advice whether it’s wanted or not.  Many diverse interests.  Insatiably curious wanting to know and experience as much as possible.  Natural multi-tasker.  May have more than one thing going at a time, including books, hobbies, jobs and even relationships.  Can spread self too thin and appear disorganized in both thinking and doing.  Enjoys companionship and usually cheerful and friendly.  Keeping busy is important.  Can flirt and flit in one fell swoop.  Can have trouble with serious concerns.



  1. My birthday is on 6/21 how do I know if I’m gemini or cancer?

    • Hello Natalie! Whether you are a Gemini or a Cancer depends on your time and place of birth.

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