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Mars, the god of war.  Mars energy is assertive on the positive side and aggressive or overbearing on the negative side. Mars can also be meek and fearful, all depending on how the geometric angles from the other heavenly bodies interact with Mars when you were born.  Mars will determine whether your response is “fight or flight”.

Mars is our physical energy as well as our will.  It’s purpose is to differentiate our individual selves from the collective.   Mars shows how we go after what we want.  Mars is associated with our confidence and courage, or lack thereof, and our impulsiveness and/or impatience.  Mars has a lot to say about our independence and self-sufficiency.

Mars rules our libido and whether it is strong or weak, along with how we go about getting our desires fulfilled, both sexually and otherwise.  Whether we desire wealth, fame, love, freedom or power of one sort or another, Mars is the way we go about obtaining what we want.

Mars, along with the Sun rules masculine energy.