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Mercury the “messenger”.  Mercury’s role in the solar system is primarily that of communication and conscious thought process.  Mercury allows us to speak, write, and think.  It is also associated with those forms of communication we use to express ourselves, such as telephones, letters, books, and computers.  Mercury is also connected with our immediate environment and methods of transportation, such as cars, subways, buses, and so on.

Mercury is the gatherer of facts and of learning.  Mercury doesn’t discriminate or evaluate what it gathers so pertinent information as well as nonsense are all filed in the same space.  It depends on how all the other geometric angles of energy from other heavenly bodies affect Mercury to determine whether we are logical or spacey and confused.  Most of us are a little of both, especially when the well known retrograde, when Earth passes Mercury like cars on a racetrack, in it’s orbit around the Sun, which happens 3 times per year is in effect.  Then there are those who still haven’t learned that listening is part of communication.

Mercury also rules the hands.  It’s no coincidence we use our hands (some use them more than others) when communicating and using gestures to get our point across.

Mercury is never very far away from the Sun so it is either in the same sign as your Sun, or in the sign just before or after your Sun.  People who have Mercury in the same sign as their Sun generally, but not always, (depending on the other angles of energy) have an easier time expressing themselves because their communication energy is in tune with their conscious self.