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While the Sun rules our conscious self, the Moon rules our unconscious self.  The Moon is that part of us that is reflective, just as it gives off no light of it’s own, but reflects the light of the Sun.  It is associated with our emotions and our feeling nature.  It is the way we respond to outside stimulus without the use of our rational intellect.  The Moon is our intuition; our “gut feelings”, which everyone has, but some don’t pay attention to because it is unconscious.

The Moon is a symbol of fertility.  It takes approximately 28 1/2 days to revolve around the Earth; the same time period of the menstrual cycle.  The Moon is therefore related to motherhood and nurturing.  Mother is related to our first connection with the outside world and that relationship reveals our deeply rooted ingrained habit patterns and responses our surroundings as we mature.  The Moon describes our needs for protection and security and how we go about providing these for ourselves.  The Moon is very important in interpersonal close relationships as it is our individual point of vulnerability.

The Moon rules our past and all that which we have accumulated according to our individual response nature.  The Moon is also associated with the home, both that which we grew up in as well as that which we establish on our own.

The geometric angles of energy from the other heavenly bodies in our solar system tells the tale of how we unconsciously respond by revealing how our accumulated past experience conditioned our behavior.