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The Sun is the center of our solar system.  Without the Sun, life would not be possible on planet Earth.  Earth is but one of the heavenly bodies that orbit around the Sun on the same plane of existence.  The Earth takes approximately 365 days to travel around the 360 degree circle of the Sun, placing the Sun in each constellation for about 30 days.   There are 88 constellations, but we use only 12.  The reason is because those same 12 are on the same plane as our Sun and the heavenly bodies that orbit the Sun.  Those constellations are like a band that surround the outer reaches of our solar system on the same plane.

This center placement of the Sun is what makes it the most powerful position in the Horoscope.  All other planetary energies reflect off of the Sun.  It is not only the center of the solar system, but also the center of our individual lives.  Each constellation gives off certain energies according to the Sun’s placement at the moment of birth.  This is what constitutes Sun Sign Astrology; however, there is so much more energy to consider that is emanated from the other heavenly bodies which make up the individual Horoscope.

The Sun rules our conscious self.   Our awareness of the life we are living is dependent upon the Sun.  Without the Sun, there would be no consciousness.

GENESIS …. Chapter 3 …. Line 24 …. and He placed at the East of the garden …. a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.