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Venus, the goddess of love.  Venus is best known for it’s role in one-to-one relationships.  The placement of Venus, as well as it’s geometric angles to other planets in our solar system at the time and place of your birth, relates to your love nature.

Venus is also associated with how you interact with advisers, business partners, clients, counselors, and so on.

Venus also has a lot to say about your artistic talents, or lack thereof, as well as your sense of beauty and how you go about adorning yourself to be attractive.

Venus also indicates how you behave when in a relationship.

Venus is never far from the Sun.  It will appear either in the same sign as your Sun, or one to two signs before or after the Sun.  The closer Venus is to the Sun, the more immediate and intense your love reactions will show, depending on the other geometric angles of the other energies in our solar system when you were born.

Venus is the principle of attraction of both love and personal possessions.

Venus, along with the Moon rules feminine energy.